What Is a Documentary Letter of Credit ? Everything You Need to Know

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Documentary Letter of Credit

A Documentary Letter of Credit, also known as Commercial Credit or Letter of Credit, is a guarantee provided by the bank on behalf of the buyer to the beneficiary/seller once the specified terms in the DLC are met. This financial instrument provides a guarantee of payment and assures that the beneficiary will get his due return in a provided period of time. A key principle underlying the DLC is that the bank deals only with the documents and not the goods. 

This means of payment is primarily done in international trade transactions where the two parties are unfamiliar with each other and are in a different country. There is often a need for an intermediary in international business transactions, such as a bank or financial institution, to guarantee the payment and delivery of goods or services. 

The Documentary Letter of Credit is governed by a set of guidelines known as the uniform customs and practice (UCP 600), created by the international chamber of commerce (ICC), in 1930’s.


Unlocking Trade Potential – The Ultimate Purpose 

This financial intermediary serves a purpose of providing financial security to both the parties involved in a transaction, particularly because of an unaccustomed relationship between the two. For the seller, this tool reduces the risk of non-payment since there is a guarantee provided by the issuing bank. This tool facilitates in providing a universally accepted mode of payment that is trusted worldwide and accepted to both buyer and seller. At the same time it helps in promoting economic growth and fostering economic ties between nations. Serving as a crucial tool for securing funding since banks are not willing to provide a loan against any confirmed Letter of Credit. 

DLC also acts as a helping hand in minimizing any misunderstandings or disagreements between the parties by clearly stating the terms and conditions in the contract and outlining the terms for this payment. 


Demystifying The Process

In DLC, it requires the seller/beneficiary to present specific documents before the expiration of LOC. These documents contain the contract between the seller and the buyer, which demonstrates to the issuing bank that the seller/ beneficiary has fulfilled their part of the deal. After all the details regarding the product, transportation and involved cost have been clarified, 

The process typically begins with the issuance of the DLC by the buyer’s bank, known as the issuing bank, in favor of the seller. In certain cases, the DLC may be confirmed by a bank in the seller’s country, adding an extra layer of assurance. Upon receipt of the DLC, the seller prepares the goods for shipment. Once the goods are ready, they are shipped, and the seller collects all necessary shipping documents, including the bill of lading. These documents are then presented to the advising or confirming bank, which forwards them to the issuing bank. The issuing bank meticulously examines the documents to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the DLC. If everything is in order, the issuing bank makes payment to the seller as per the agreed terms, thus completing the transaction. 

Overall, the DLC process provides a framework for secure and efficient international trade, instilling confidence in both parties involved.

DLC constitutes an irrevocable undertaking of the issuer to pay, i.e. once issued, the credit cannot be revoked or changed by the issuing bank. It can only be canceled or amended with the consent of the issuing bank, the beneficiary, and the conforming bank if there is any. 

With DLC, it may open up all types of new opportunities to do business with foreign companies by strengthening your financial position with sellers. This in turn can lead to repeated business and referrals, further enhancing the reputation and credibility of all the parties involved.

The purpose of this financial instrument is way beyond mere payment facilitation and extends to serve as a cornerstone of international trade, thus providing confidence, security, and opportunity in the economic domain globally.  This tool plays a vital role in driving commerce forward and facilitating an interconnection between trade through risk free transactions. 


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