Mr. Sanjeev Chadha


Sanjeev Chadha, the Chairman of Yield 4 Finance Private Limited holds numerous certificates as an auditor. He is an entrepreneur by profession and looks after the global offices. He regularly visits each branch and makes sure that operations are running smoothly.

He believes successful entrepreneurs are not specifically required to have industry background in order for them to be experts in their field. Instead, he holds that their success comes from knowledge of and experience in extensively diverse arrays of industries. He believes the continuous learning and mastering of the different trades sharpen instincts and hone skills in navigating the waters of the business world.

With thirteen years of refined management, operations and administrative skills in his holster, he opened his own company, ICL Certification Limited and kick started opening companies that delved in different industries. Under the ICL Group cluster, colleges were established, along with a Software company, a Finance company, and the already existing Certifications firm.

Soon after, the issuance and facilitation of financial instruments were established. It first came as a chance of inquiry from a person needing of a Letter of Credit, now the business is an international success. From issuing one to two financial instruments a month, the company now issues 50-60 financial instruments across the board on a daily basis. The number keeps growing as the company’s presence spreads all over the world by means of active advertisements, signing new associates and opening new branches.