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International Trade Finance Team

Mr. Sanjeev Chadha


He is an entrepreneur by profession and currently sits and looks after the headquarters office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Mr. Vipul Chadha

Managing Director

He sits in the corporate office in India as the Managing Director.

Mr. Mohit Chadha

Director and Chief Operating Officer

He maintains full responsibility of managing the tasks and objectives to make sure they are met in the department.

Mr. Alfred Jara Ibanez

Director , Europe/North & South America

Graduate from University of Greenwich, London, where he accomplished International Business.

Mr. Sahil Bansal

Director, Australia/ New Zealand

A Director currently based in New Zealand but operates both in New Zealand and Australia.

Mr. Himesh Raval

Executive Director

He is the Executive Director based in Dubai, actively pursuing his interests and proficiency in trade finance.

Ms. Crishelle Mercado

Associate General Manager, Dubai/Philippines/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

She oversees daily operations of the business organization.

Mr. Sumer Narwal

Accounts Manager

He is an MBA whose specialization is in Finance.

Mr. Shamseer Abdul Salam

Accounts Manager

Master in Commerce and CA under Institute of Chartered Accounts of India.

Relationship Managers

Ms. Javela Macalalad

Senior Relationship Manager, Dubai/Bahrain/Africa

she shapes strategic agendas for optimum business values.

Ms. Shweta Gupta

Relationship Manager, India/Asia

She help clients acquire smoother business transactions according to their needs.

Ms. Kristine Nelvie Sanchez

Relationship Manager, Dubai/ Oman

She provides daily client interaction 24/7 while providing customized trade finance solutions to achieve customer satisfaction.

Ms. Krishna Raval

Relationship Manager, Dubai/ Oman

As an experienced Business Development Manager from one of the distinguished trading company in the UAE.

Ms. Maria Lalaine Marbella

Relationship Manager, Dubai/Kuwait/South Africa

Graduate of Bachelor Science in Financial Accounting.

Ms. Ivy Clarice Gawilan

Relationship Manager, Dubai/Hong Kong

She spent some years of progressive experience in various specializations.

Ms. Mary Ann Galang

Relationship Manager, Dubai/Asia

She builds relationships with clients, based on trust and value.

Ms. Neetu Kapoor

Relationship Manager, India

Major in Commerce from Punjab University.

Ms. Jodynne Medina

Relationship Manager, Dubai/Bangladesh

She is efficient is helping her clients use the company’s services more productively.

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