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Yield4Finance Donations Across Crisis Affected Population


Yield4Finance is an international financial investment advisor residing in the city of Panchkula. The firm provides world-class financial instruments to small to medium-sized enterprises. Be its a letter of credit, bank guarantees, or documentary letter of credit, Yield Group of Companies offers top-notch services.

Furthermore, the firm is also actively donating to reputable organisations that lend help in crisis-affected areas. Here are a few of the significant charities done by Yield4Finance.


  1. National Center for Victims of Crime

For more than 25 years, the National Center for Victims of Crime has been working as a social justice nonprofit. The organisation is dedicated to victims of all crimes and their communities. Yield4finance, has also donated to the National Center for Victims of Crime to make victim services more effective and easily accessible.

Here are some of the key works being done by the organisation:

  • Training crime responders to be proactive, trauma-informed, and culturally competent.
  • Helping the affected victims to cope with the post traumas of violence and assisting them in moving forward in their lives normally. The crime responders include business leaders, judges, media representatives, elected officials, policymakers, and healthcare providers.


  1. CARE

Care Foundation has been saving and changing the lives of marginalized women and girls across India for the last 70 years. It is a not-for-profit organisation building communities’ capacity to ensure the upliftment of disempowered females. CARE is actively working in 18 states and 130 districts of India.

The holistic interventions in Disaster Relief & Resilience, Health, Education, and Livelihood of CARE are also helping to eradicate the deep-rooted problems in development. Apart from this, the organisation is relentlessly collecting charity to support underprivileged women, their families, and their communities.


  1. Dubai Charity Association

Dubai Charitable Association is working for the welfare of orphans with the help of people who are doing charity. The association offers humanitarian services and regularly helps as many needy people as possible. Yield4Finance Vice President Ms. JavelaMacalalad, and Senior Relationship Manager Ms.Anna Perello, also have done the charity here on behalf of the whole organisation.

The association is focused on practicing humanitarian and charitable activities with the widest frameworks to achieve the largest income via donations. The donations go directly to charitable projects across the country and outside.


  1. British RedCrosss

The British Red Cross has been providing assistance during the crisis to millions of people across the United Kingdom and the globe too. The organisation was started with the desire to help injured people on the battlefield without any discrimination. One of the major focuses of the British Red Cross is to promote friendship, mutual understanding, peace among people, and cooperation. The organization is helping people irrespective of age, caste, creed, and race. Racism is one of the core reasons behind human suffering, and British Red Cross is standing against it.


  1. UN Crisis Relief

UN Crisis Relief, which the United Nations Office runs for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, provides financial support via charities to the needy. It manages the funds and makes them available to UN agencies, NGOs, and the Red Cross/Red Crescent Organisations, working at the ground level to help people in crisis.

The UN Humanitarian Funds include CERF, a global fund lending rapid aid to places and people when disaster strikes. Leading investment advisor Yield4Finance has also helped UN Crisis Relief by doing charity. The major goals of this organisation include:

  • Increase the assistance to not-so-easily accessible areas
  • Providing support to life-saving activities like shelter, food, health, and education
  • Fill the gaps in the fund when available funds are less than the humanitarian needs.

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Yield4Finance is a complete financing solution for SMEs. The firm is constantly growing and helping other businesses expand globally with the help of Yield4finanace’s services. The firm believes that small to medium enterprises are the backbone of our economy. Hence they must have access to bank guarantees, letter of credit, SBLC, and pre-advise messages.


Yield Group of Companies, which is a leading cash flow providers operates across its worldwide offices in Dubai, Zambia, London, Spain and India. Besides providing the best trading solutions to SMEs, Yield4Finance is highly active in CSR activities and is constantly doing charity across various known organisations.


Corporate donations help the firms to participate actively in communities. Furthermore, it also boosts employee morale. With corporate donation, employees’ involvement enhances positively, which ultimately improves the workplace.


The motive behind donating to the community is to empower the surroundings. There are many severely affected global areas which need help. Here are some of the charities done by Yield Group of Companies. 


Charities By Yield4Finance Private Limited

UN Crisis Relief


UN Crisis Relief is providing support to the people and places facing a significant crisis. They are also helping people to connect with the world efficiently. The UN Humanitarian Funds include CERF, which is a global fund lending immediate help to the affected areas or individuals. Chairmancxcx Sanjeev Chadha Yield4finance has donated to UN Crisis Relief, whose primary goal of every fund includes:

  • Increasing the help in hard-to-reach locations across the globe.
  • To fill the funding gaps in cases of humanitarian needs surpassing the amounts of available funds.
  • To support the activities necessary for living like providing shelter, food, and education.


The United Nations Office runs the UN Crisis Relief, especially for Humanitarian Affairs. Every donation here makes a difference because it directly goes to the people who need help most. The charities are sent to relief organisations that are delivering aid across the world’s most severely affected parts. The funds help in reaching the most vulnerable people with clean water, shelter, medicine, food, and more.


Care India


Care India is a not-for-profit organisation working relentlessly to bring and empower marginalised women and girls across India. From saving lives to having dignity and security, this organisation envision a world free from poverty. The organisation is providing innovative solutions to existing development issues through holistic interventions in Education, Health, Disaster Relief and Livelihood. The focus areas of Care India are Livelihood, Health, Education and Disaster Relief.


Care India is progressing further with the action plan for 2022-24. It aims to work for the betterment of 30 million people by the year 2024 and provide them with the dignified life they deserve. Here are some of their objectives:

  • To bring gender transformative changes by considering the unequal power distribution system among women and men.
  • To partner with corporates and governments to bring change on a big scale.
  • To follow an impact-driven approach to reach as many people as possible.


National Centre For Victims of Crime


The National Center for Victims of Crime is a social justice nonprofit working for victims of all crimes and their communities. The organisation has worked for the past 35 years to make victim services effective and accessible. The aim is to ensure that the victims can rebuild and relive their lives efficiently.


The organisation give training to the crime responders about being culturally competent, proactive, and trauma-informed. Yield Group Vice President Ms.JavelaMacalalad has also extended its helping hands to the National Center for Victims of Crime.


The organisation’s agenda is not limited to providing justice to the victims. Instead, it is also about providing the means to cope with the post-trauma of violence that every victim goes through so that they can move forward in life with a better approach.


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